Kincaid O'Neil

{Perfectionistic Web Dev}


With so many different social networks, it’s all such a mess, hopping from site-to-site, app-to-app, all to see posts by the same people, solely from a different service, in a different medium. I couldn’t stop thinking to myself, “there’s got to be a better way.” And so Post+ was born: an idea for an app to integrate Facebook, Twitter and Instagram into a single interface, with feeds from each social network displayed in columns side-by-side and the ability to post to all three in a single click.

Unfortunately, that didn't pan out.

Since its inception, I probably refactored it numerous times: first as a Windows 8 app, then as a Chrome app, before finally rearchitecting it into a cross-platform, native desktop app using Electron, the framework that underpins Slack.

Unfortunately, Facebook and Instagram each restricted third-party apps from accessing the newsfeed via their APIs. In other words, Post+ became just a plain ‘ol Twitter app. That said, I learned a great deal of practical web development skills throughout the process, including implemention of the JavaScript framework Vue.js. More importantly, however, I learned that sometimes it’s best to just ship!

While the project is no longer being actively developed, the basic scaffold, build tools, Vue components, Twitter API integration and rendering of Tweets are published to GitHub.